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An Extravagant Multi-Zone Family Home.

An edgy, high-end industrial home that puts Brighton on the map.

Built by acclaimed architect Nick McKimm, Wolseley was created to be the forever family home.

This textured multi-zone home revels in a natural flow. With distinct zones for children, this enormous property lends itself perfectly to entertaining and functional family living. 

From inside to out, Wolseley was superbly designed to enrich the connection between spaces and features.

Built with concrete, timber and steel, Wolseley embraces a sense of rawness that provides optimal weather protection all year-round. From earthy tones to wooden textures, every element of this outstanding modern residence reflects the mckimm’s intricate attention to detail.

With all four bedrooms overlooking the gorgeous pool, Wolseley’s panoramic luxury is breathtaking at every turn.

Featuring a range of lifestyle add-ons, such as a half-tennis court, family-sized pool and a sunken courtyard, and basement living area with cinema room.